Re: Atlas TP tank car

Benjamin Hom

Lester Breuer wrote:
"Axle length is the problem."

Mark Drake replied:
"Atlas trucks are a pain... you need the truck tune up tool to bore out the side frames a little bit, or a lot."

Wrong approach.  The Reboxx or Micro-Mark tool is only meant to true up the bearing surfaces of the truck, NOT do major cutting.

Tim O'Connor wrote:
"Atlas axle lengths are much shorter than Intermountain. Reboxx is the answer -- lengths down to 0.950. A similar length
problem is found with Kato ASF A-3 trucks. Same solution."

This is the correct approach.  Reboxx sells a sampler pack of wheelsets that you can use to determine the best axle length for a particular truck. 

They also have application charts at their website, but they're a bit dated (1999) so the truck you're trying to match may not be listed.

Ben Hom

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