Re: MKT War Emergency box car?

Greg Martin

Scott and all,
In Scott's reply to Barry he writes: 

"Barry Wrote:
Is it possible that the side framing was modified to fit existing framing of the donor underframes rather than follow the WE standard."
Scott sez:

"Quite right!"

"Engineering concepts require that the vertical side posts align with the underframe crossbearers."
Often is the case that these may match but not in the case of this car. The cross bearers are no match. There appears to be a cross tie at the mid point of panel #2 and just offset the center of panel #3.   

'Next up, would be to find information on the original reefers that donated their underframes to these cars: GARX 52001-52200, General American Lot 2652."
It would be nice to have a set of General Arrangement drawings for the car however that may not be possible. We were very lucky with the two Rock Island double door cars that are being built on the S-N-T group list. One is under development and hasn't been released. We also do online builds in between CCB.
There may be a way around the Intermountain issue.

"The first member of this list, who comes to mind, that might be able to help with this is Gene Green (I hate to put you on the spot, but...). These cars also had Klasing brakes! 

Scott Haycock"
Greg Martin
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