Re: Early Dreadnaught ends

Tony Thompson

The ends on the USRA clones are actually called "inverted Dreadnaught ends". These are no doubt unavailable. Are regular Dreadnaught ends normally usedĀ as a stand in?

Not sure "inverted" means anything. Probably you mean "reversed," that is, rotated 180 degrees around the center vertical axis. To me, "inverted" would mean rotated around a center horizontal axis.

Tony Thompson

I don't remember if the DA ends were available with square ends. You can make them square, and since you are narrowing them for your project you needn't worry about encroaching into too narrow territory . Carefully sand the edges smooth and at a right angle (square) and add Archer rivets.

An easier path would be to find 2 pairs of Details WEST square corner 4/4 EDE. These were made to replace the Athearn 40' steel reefer and are narrower than the DA parts, though probably still too wide for your intended purpose. You would need two pair to acquire the extra rib. I have not looked at these for years ( and they may already be 4/5). DW hasn't offered these ends for at least a decade. You might try the STMFC group. This end, which was tooled by Terry Wegmann, was used extensively by Martin and Frank Hodina for their various EDE resin cars.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

riday, October 30, 2015 3:12 AM
Subject: Re: Dreadnaught ends

So you think the DA ends would be a better choice? Are the DA ends square cornered too?


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