Re: 3-D printers


Fun to read through these posts. I have used the various types of machines, laser cured liquid, deposited wax, jetted resin, heat activated powders, sintered metal. I have also built machines early in my career. The resolution of the layers is where the quality of the finished part lies.  Additionally each and every process has its materials and mechanical properties. Yes a poorly printed model that is fragile will not withstand the non owners strong hands, but let's be honest, that same goon will ruin the separate ladders on any model, it doesn't have to be 3D printed. 
Ok, so I will post my latest 3D item, it's a stake pocket for a Rock Island flat car. Sure you I could include them in the kit when released, but they are brittle and will serve better as a master. I'm thankful for the help of this group in pushing me to go the extra mile and make parts like this.

Ross Dando
Meridian, Idaho

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