Perishable transit times was Re: Re: Livestock through Chicago


PRR time from Chicago to Greenville (NYC)  40 hours via Columbus almost all perishables went via Columbus not Crestline

PRR Time E St Louis to Greenville (NYC) 47 hours 15 mins

From 1952 freight schedules

Re-icing at Columbus and Huntington

Rich Orr

Anyone have in transit times for perishables to NYC or any other east cost cities by rail? As the ATSF promo film "Fresh for your health" brags it "only" took 6 days to get reefers to Chicago, I figure about 17 mph, so more than a week rolling across country little wonder their was loss on the east coast. In comparison, if you go your kicks on route 66 averaging 45 mph 14 hours a day over the whole route you could be done in under 4 days (at about 25.5 average MPH). Little wonder the truckers won increasing amounts of that business too.
Given the ice melts and the contents rot at the same rate moving or sitting in a yard simply stopping less for switching would have reduced in the ATSF example would reduced claims,  reduced ice and improved car utilization.
Mark Rickert

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