Re: The S-N-T effort

Greg Martin

Clark Propst writes:

"I don’t want to come off harsh here, but shouldn't those car have been built months ago? With that said, mine’s still in the box  ;  ))   But, I’ve had an unusual summer. If I were to come to CCB I'd have the car ready, period.
I participated in a couple of the S-N-T projects early on and was shocked at how few models returned to the display room the next year. Yet guys were scrambling to get into the room. My first thought was that if you didn't bring back a model you couldn't join in again till you did. To me, the whole purpose was to get guys to build models!
Nowadays, with the importers marketing strategy being what it is I can see the difficultly in assembling parts for a project. Maybe the project should be chosen from what’s available rather then what we'd like to have? Why beat your head against the wall?
Either way, it’s noble effort and my hat’s off to those involved.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa
True and I wished it was different, the in process cars could come as well. That creates discussion and that creates resolution to problems that might arise.
I am sure many issues cause the log jam like LIFE.
I don't think that any of the projects are too tough but they can be a challenge.
The idea is to create something that is not readily available and in doing so expanding your craftsmanship.
Greg Martin
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

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