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Greg Martin

Schuyler writes:

I’d add a couple of thoughts to Greg’s response:

Yes, Clark, it is disappointing sometimes to see how few models return the next year to CCB.  I think that some guys get a little distracted with “easier” projects, but in truth, while the SnT projects are sometimes a little challenging, they are, really, very achievable projects.  Last year, I had to bring my Viking-roofed CNW car back unpainted but mostly finished, because like I am sure others do, I began the work in mid-October.  I began this year’s car in February so it will be done and with that extra time, I’ve pushed my own modeling envelope to do things I’ve never done before.  Every year, there’s some aspect of bashing these models that I’ve not done before and every year I find out I can do it.  The first time I had to cut the ends off a car, it took me a couple of weeks of thinking about it before I could make myself take Zona saw in hand and DO it.  This year, no big deal, I’ve been here before.  And I have a couple projects that I want to do because I’ve done a similar SnT and now >know< that what I’m thinking about is feasible, do-able by even me.

You’re right, Clark, the whole purpose was to get guys to build models! and to build models that take some thought and skill and effort to create an accurate model of something you cannot buy.

It’s a lot of fun and there’s a real sense of accomplishment.  You don’t really have to be at CCB and in the room to get one of the prepared kits; the parts are available from Greg, at least for a while, and the instructions are on-line from the Shake_n_Take Yahoo list web page.  And they are NOT THAT HARD to do.


Clark is correct, Schuyler's correct.

What I am hoping you all have taken away from Cocoa Beach and SHAKE_N_TAKE is that we are all in this for likely similar reasons. Some folks see a thing and think of a better way to build the wheel, others feel they can't build the wheel, some folks find errors in the wheel that might or might not be clear to all and cause them to pause and in this hobby that can be the kiss of death. How many unfinished projects do we have on a shelf almost done? I don't want to talk about it. 

The point here is that this is a fellowship and if you are having issues likely there are at least a couple of answers to the problem and on this list it always seems to be 3D printing... 3^) 

I hope that you have introduced yourself to at least adding a wooden block to the inside of the car you are working on (1-1/8"x 1-1/4"x 5-1/4") and the ultra thin razor saw. And then there are those pesky ACCUMATE Proto HO Scale couplers. I swear by them and no I haven't had them come apart in a train.

Yeah well I am guilty of not completing some of my S_N_T projects as well, but I will and I have been working on other things and inspiring others to take a current S_N_T project tweak it to make it something entirely  different.

The whole thing here is to get back to the bench.

Greg Martin

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