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Greg Martin

John and all,
I have been through airport lines where if I tell them that I have model railroad subjects they laugh and say, "oh, yeah that is what these are..." and they never even open the boxes. I carry them on in a soft bag that zips. I pack my models in Plano plastic cases and here is a link:
It is a Plano series 3700 4-15 tackle box I have bought mine at Walmart one at a time as I have needed them. I have paid about what you see here. I generally carry on three boxes so what I do bring is limited. I line my tray/dividers with that thin film foam that you associate with electronics. This doesn't mean there will be no damage but most of my damage is self inflicted.  I pack a tool box in my checked baggage and that nearly always prompts a TSA guy opening my baggage. The damage I have encountered is couplers and pockets, air hoses and in two cases metal running boards coming loose. I have mostly converted to KADEE and TICHY for metal running boards and ACCURAIL or TICHY and to a lesser degree Intermountain for wood.
To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
The requirement of bringing your models back complete is not a prerequisite, just a grateful gesture.
We all would love to see your progress on the various projects over the years and remember as I have said from the very first gathering CHECK YOUR EGOS AT THE DOOR. We are not here to judge just here to share.
I have over the years heard guys say to me, "why didn't you use "XX" for the core...", the answer is simple there are those that are unwilling to donate, so please spare me. I have also been criticized that this subject was the same as this resin kit... and to that I say, your point is? The approach isn't the same and my research is my research, there are errors in resin kits and compromises in S_N_T as well.  
Over the years I have seen some amazing modeling or better yet EXTREME MODELING and as I have said these guys have earned the right to take a seat every year. Maybe it is your turn. Some  guys don't even model the era they just model the subject, you don't have to justify it in our era its a modeling project.
If you are not comfortable with bringing your S_N_T models bring photos of your models and display them on your laptop or tablet. Load them to the S_N_T site and we'll run a slide show of the models.
Greg Martin    
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean
John Miller writes:

    Maybe it's just getting the models to the location that a problem.  Flying can be a problem if the inspection is done by an "*****" resulting in a model that is a kit (or less) again (VBG)!
    Might be interesting to have a check list upon checking in, such as; you didn't bring a model because_____________

Jon Miller

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