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Dave Pfeiffer

Dan Hicks at dhickstrains@... has decals for the LV hoppers.

Dave Pfeiffer

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Subject: [STMFC] LV Hoppers

In my ongoing research and attempt to model the various cars shown in one
particular wayfreight I've encountered what I believe will be the single
most challenging modeling project of the bunch - one of the Lehigh Valley's
six-ribbed, 2 bay hoppers (LV series 42000-42950). These cars were rebuilt
from quad hoppers.

I know the Hobbyline/Lionel quad hopper was based on these cars. My
understanding is there were drawings of the car (in their 4-bay
configuration?) published in the August 1997 issue of RMC.

Some questions on the quad-to-twin hopper conversion -

1. From the photos I've seen of these cars, it appears that the ends on the
4-bay and 2-bay versions were identical. Specifically the height of the end
from the slope sheet to the top chord. The angle of the slope sheet (and by
default, the angle of the hopper bottom) was also the same in the two- and
four-bay versions. Correct?

2. Traditionally, the approach suggested to model these cars is to duplicate
the prototype approach - start with the Hobbyline/Lionel shell and cut the
mid section out, and splice the two end halves together. Obviously the
Hobbyline tooling is a little long in the tooth (an understatement). Is
there another, better way to model these cars? (Honestly, I haven't ruled
out scratchbuilding, at least the sides, as an option - perhaps using the
Tichy hopper bottoms.

3. Lettering/decal options?

thanks in advance,

Marty McGuirk

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