Re: Epson decal printing

Scott H. Haycock

Garth Wrote:

I tried this "paper" in my Epson Stylus Photo 1400 which uses Claria "inks". The decals printed very well when the setting was for "plain paper" and quality set at "normal" per the instructions. One sheet was printed with the "glossy photo paper" setting, and the lettering came out fuzzy (I couldn't change the setting for some reason, but later copied the file and appended it to another already set correctly and it worked fine the second time).

 Garth, without having a photo being printed, and the printer settings dialog box open in front of me, my experience with the Epson 1400 is to use a photo paper option- semi-gloss or matte, and the Quality setting at its highest setting -fine, IIRC.

Scott Haycock

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