Re: Nitric Acid Tank Cars


i’ll attach a blow-up clip of the Monsanto acid car wrapper.

It looks like its labeled for '95-percent Nitric Acid Only’, builders date of 6-45.

I expect that the model car kit and its data are from the real thing.

Let me know if you’d like the full scan including the ‘Itstinks and Howe’ chemical wrapper. 600-dpi pdf on those….

Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

On Nov 8, 2015, at 5:17 PM, Jon Miller  wrote:

On 11/8/2015 2:46 PM, Mike Bauers mwbauers55@... [STMFC] wrote:
Have we considered that it is merely a trial balloon of a car ???

    In the early days (50s, grin) M Dale Newton had a model of one of these.  I believe he used a cardboard wrapper.  All my Newton stuff is gone so don't remember the lettering on the car.

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