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There is that circa late-90’s article in MR titled something like ’painting with decals’……….. Done with a corrected for tilt and missing section set of pictures of an urban jungle tagged BN caboose with an Epson photo-printer on decal paper.

So it does work if done correctly. He adjusted the amount of ink used and a [drying] delay between printing individual sheets. 

I believe ordinary decal paper was used, possibly pre-painted with the base color.

I can dig up a post I sent a while ago with the particulars on the settings used.

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Epson (or HP or Canon or any other inkjet), must have paper designed for inkjet printers. Dye or pigment based, inkjets papers have a coating that will allow the inks to soak in. Microscale paper is not for use in an inkjet so the inks just lay on the surface and may likely not dry in our lifetime. Using a better than normal mode for printing will increase the amount of ink deposited on the paper so even when using inkjet paper the ink will blur and stay liquid for a long time.

The problem with any printer that cannot print a layer of white ink as an undercoat is that the colors will not be opaque. If you are printing black decals or if the surface you are placing the decals on is white, they will be fine. If they are placed on a colored surface, the surface color will show thru and, depending on the surface color, cause a color shift or make the decal just about totally invisible.

Laser printers will print on Microscale paper but will have the same problem with opaqueness or the lack thereof..

BTW, I print decals. Have for over 10 years. I have had several HP’s and currently own 2 Epson’s and did have 1 Canon (hated it, but I do like their cameras). None of them were/are capable of printing decals, except black of course.

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