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Greg Martin

I am not sure ho many will recall that at the end of the FRP era they had released a 40-foot boxcar with 4-4 dreadnaught ends, with the ladders and grabs cast on the shell. Just as before the shell was formed by the floor, ends and sides with a separate underframe/center sill/bolster. The Murphy panel roof was separate and the side were 10 panel riveted, with a six foot door (I have one sitting right in front of me with a swapped out diagonal panel roof, can you guess the prototype). I remember buying mine a LONG's DRUGS in Moreno Valley as a three or four car se. I bought one set as it was cheap and challenging.  My came in NYC paint and three different numbers. The detailing was not comparable to ACCURAIL or C&BT Shops; however not bad.
 It is similar to but not the same as the WKW recent offering; here's link if you haven't seen the WKW offering, Walthers is far better tooling :
I have often wondered what happened to this tooling after the break up of Front Range and Sky Lim or if the kit even made it there. I often wondered if this was just a set of inserts that fit the mold base of the other four plus Front Range 40-foot offering. If the inserts are out there I just wonder why the haven't been run in the owners line of cars. I have heard but can not confirm that the Front Range inserts were aluminum.
Sorry Bill and Ed I didn't mean to hijack your post, just want to add to it.
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What I am fuzzy about are the 40-foot kits issued by Front Range and McKeen. Though dated, can someone remind me of the 40-foot steel cars these two companies offered, excluding the McKeen PS-1. Also looking at the InterMountain website, they also have a Postwar 40-ft car with 4/4/ ends. Is this duplicated by the Branchline kits? I thought they had a r/3/4 kit but maybe I am thinking of Accurail.

I published a couple of articles using these models in the early 1990s Rail model Journal. The FRP models had Improved Dreadnaught ends of 1955 & later design. The kits came with a separate diagonal panel roof as the sides, ends and floor formed the body. I believe FRP also offered a Murphy panel roof, but this roof didn’t come on prototype cars with these ends that I’m aware of.

August 1992 - 12-panel welded cars with 6’ door openings (FRP 4040) and 8’ openings (FRP 4050).
April 1994 - 10-panel riveted cars with 6’ openings (FRP 4080) and 8’ openings (FRP 4070).

As was mentioned in the articles, some models could come with different side sills (tab-type or fish-belly) without a change in the catalogue number. 

One additional model offered was 4090, a 40’ box car with 13’ door opening (combination flush and sliding doors), and I’ve seen them come with both welded or riveted sides 

Branchline Trains (tooling bought by Atlas) produced models with riveted sides having 6’, 7’, and 8’ door openings and with several different ends including the one used by FRP. However, BT did not produce welded-side 40’ box cars. 
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