Re: Pere Marquette Decal Set Available

Guy Wilber

Stephen Wilder with Smokebox Graphicswrote:

"As I began to model the freight cars my grandfather photographed, I discovered that accurate Pere Marquette lettering (especially their distinctive numerals) was difficult to obtain.  This decal set was created to fill that void, and contains data, number jumbles, and reweigh dates to letter many classes of PM equipment.  A data sheet with selected lettering diagrams and a decal sheet layout is included."



Well done.  The set looks very crisp.  I am curious as to why you did not include any Evans Auto~Loader door markings within the set to cover the PM auto cars?  As a major player in the auto industry the markings would be a good addition for the PM as well as for use for other roads which supplied auto cars equipped with Auto~Loaders.

If you add the markings to your line in the future and should require any guidance with the markings from 1933 up to the simplified standards of 1939, please feel free to contact me.

Kindest Regards,

Guy Wilber

Reno, Nevada 

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