Re: WAG 6000 series boxcar

Schleigh Mike

WAG 6000 series cars, so labeled and numbered, date from the mid-1960s and are not of this group's time-frame.  The cars themselves do qualify in that they were built in 1930 by Standard Steel Car and were known as ARA XM-1 single sheathed cars. See RP CYC18 for a good accounting of these 1975 cars (two orders).  Funaro & Camerlengo produces a very nice single piece resin kit with both WAG and Boston & Maine lettering.  BM was the original owner.  Cars started transferring first to affiliate Ft.DD&S (and shortly after to the WAG) starting in 1957.

I have produced a comprehensive rolling stock article for the WAG (1956-1979) covering all their rolling stock and their origins plus modeling advice.  Four color pictures are included.  Cost is $2.50.  Contact me off line.

Regards----Mike Schleigh

On Tuesday, November 17, 2015 7:26 PM, "Kevin Sprayberry csxt5555@... [STMFC]" wrote:

Can somebody on the list share some info on theses cars? I got a pic of the 6050. It looks like maybe a Howe OB boxcar. Car has a steel door and looks like a steel roof. I can't see the ends in the pic. I believe these cars were used to haul furs. Any ideas

Kevin Spraybery

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