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Hi Brian,

IIRC, Plano was developing the etch around the time Centralia released their upgrade modernised ATSF caboose with an etched walk, and then Intermountain released their ACF also with an etched walk, and I can only assume Plano didn’t feel there was enough of a market.

I hope he wasn’t correct (VBG) as we are planning to release the product once Keith makes a couple of small revisions for us.

It will include step tread and platform tread etches.


Dave North


Never could figure out why this was discontinued in the first place.
Brian Ehni


Hi Brian,
I bought the artwork for the ATSF caboose walk from Keith and am hoping to have it on the market soon.
(There are a couple of minor changes needed).
Keith will still be doing the etching for us.
Dave North



Rob & Chris North

North Model Railroad Supplies Pty. Ltd.


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