Re: L&N 36-foot Box Cars & Ventilated Boxcars

Scott H. Haycock


I'm with you 100% on this, being a SE modeler as well. While I'm the sort who wants the model in my grubby paws, before I jump to conclusions about it's applicability, this model should have all kinds of kitbashing applications, with the 36' length, the different underframes, and especially those reported inverse ends! I like some others want to see how well this tooling adapts to meat reefers!  

Scott Haycock


Both groups of cars had outside metal roofs. To maximize versatility I sincerely hope Dennis will design the tooling so that the ends and doors are separate. One thought I have is that this new kit would be a great subject for the 2017 "Shake & Take" to do a L&N ventilated car with resin and photo-etched parts. But then I again I am prejudiced.

Bill Welch

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