Re: Accurail 36-foot double-sheathed boxcars

Scott H. Haycock



I'm not sure I grasp your point. Garth models 1958; I model 1959. EVERY car on our railroads falls within the timeframe of this list. The question relates to how many, if any of these cars survived until the late 1950's. It goes to whether or not these cars would be credible in our era.

Scott Haycock

I am not sure I understand the point of (or perhaps the need for) your post.  You model two years before the cutoff date for this group, so that fact that these 36 foot cars are not relevant to you is entirely predictable.

But the group is supposed to embrace the period 1900 to 1960.  I model 1934 -- right in the middle.  There are others (perhaps just a few) that model earlier.  So, for some of us, these kits might be highly relevant (they are all, after all, SUF cars; many ran through the 1930s and beyond).

I would guess that 85% of the chatter on this site is of no use or interest to me because it deals with things that post-date my layout.  I know how to deal with that fact:  I make liberal use of the delete button.   Everyone has the same "filtering" option.

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA

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