Re: NYC PS-1 box car information needed

Seth Lakin

Mark, The majority of NYC's PS-1's had 6 foot doors.

There were a total of 8 lots (groups) of PS-1 boxcars on the NYC. 6 lots were 40 footers and 2 were 50 footers. 

40 foot 6 foot door cars were lots 765-B (1000 cars), 798-B (1500 cars), 808-B (1000 cars), 817-B (1000 cars), 842-B (500 cars). These cars were numbered NYC 167000-167999, 169999-172499 and 180000-180499. Superior 7 panel, Superior 5 panel and Youngstown were all used.

40 foot 8 foot door cars were lot 848-B, NYC 175000-175024 (25 cars) had 8 foot 6 panel Superior doors. These cars were originally assigned to Pacemaker service.

The Canada Southern website is an excellent NYC reference, a entire NYC freight car roster can be found here

Slightly out of the time range for the group. NYC had two lots of 50 foot PS-1. Lot 944-B (100 cars) were delivered to subsidiary Peoria & Eastern and lot 136-B (400 cars) were stretched from 40 foot cars by adding a 10 foot section the center of the car. Both of these lots had 10 foot doors.  

Now time for the shameless plug, my articles on modeling a Peoria & Eastern lot 944-B appears in the 4th quarter 2015 NYCentral Modeler, and modeling the stretched lot 136-B will appear in the 1st quarter 2016 issue. All the issues of NYCentral Modeler, the free e-Zine from the New York Central Historical Society can be found here

Seth Lakin
Michigan City, IN

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