Factory Painted OLM Sinclair GACX tank car

Andy Carlson

Anyone interested in a mint HO Overland Models Factory Painted Sinclair Gen'l Amer. tank car, a nice one is currently on Ebay; link is below. Also some SP steam era locomotives. I don't have an interest in the results, just know the seller.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA


freight cars
  General American Type 17 10,000 gallon tank car Sinclair

Southern Pacific steam
  Challenger 2509.1 Southern Pacific AC-7 4-8-8-2 #4176 cab forward

  Sunset Southern Pacific M-9 2-6-0 T&NO #552 painted DCC & sound

Southern Pacific diesels
  Overland 5935 Southern Pacific PA-1 #6012 modernized pro painted

  Overland 5937 Southern Pacific PA-2 #6020 modernized pro painted

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