Re: Help with UP 961100-961199 in 1942

Ian Cranstone

On 2015-11-19, at 11:29 AM, elombard@... [STMFC] wrote:

If you have a 7-1942 or 10-1942 ORER I would be very grateful if you could look up UP 961100-961199 and share the the car count and inside height. This was a small series of 4 cars that originated in 4-1942 and vacated 10 and 11-1942. The series does not appear in the 4-1942 ORER. They may have been the first of the "bomber boxes" on the UP, hence the curiosity about the inside height reported. All 4 cars were class A-50-15 and renumbered into 561100-561199 (40 cars) which did have an inside height of 12-4 for Boeing B-17 wings.

Eric, both the July 1942 and October 1942 ORERs show UP 961134-961182, 4 cars, inside height 12'4".

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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