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    Dave,I am in full agreement  with you regarding Canadian cars even to  36 foot Canadian, which includes 36' stock cars.Armand Premo

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"Discussions on this list suggest the Canadian cars did not get south of the border that often, and certainly not for very long." 

I have seen comments along these lines before.  Like many things, I think it depends on context.  In the six New England states, and especially in the four northern ones, there is considerable contrary evidence.  Both CN and CP boxcars were commonplace, probably as much so as PRR or NYC cars.  Perhaps this should not surprise; both Canadian roads owned trackage and/or subsidiary roads in New England (at least in the 1930s).

So this generalization would only be valid if we redefined the border as perhaps the Hudson River.  I'll leave it to others with more knowledge to comment about its validity for the Great Lake states.

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA

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