Re: Prototype info for the new Accurail box car

Guy Wilber

Ray wrote:
"The Great Depression was what killed off the short boxcar type. Not age, not the 1929 wood underframe ban, not the 1953 K brake ban."
Cars built with all wood underframes were not prohibited in interchange until January 1, 1935.  
Another factor that played a large part in the reduction of the 36' cars was the proposed prohibition of the arch bar side frame first scheduled to take effect on January 1, 1936.  Many owners of such cars were not prepared, nor willing, to spend the money needed for new cast side frames for cars slated for retirement within the period from 1929 thru 1935.  A good number of these cars were  constructed with body bolster arrangements which would not accept new designs of cast trucks without clearance problems.  Thus, the added expense of either body bolster modifications and/or special truck bolsters which could not eventually be used on newly purchased steel underframe equipment was an extra expense many owners were not willing to commit to. 
Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada        

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