Re: My perfect clinic

Chuck Soule

< Nelson wrote:

< Knowing a lot about a little makes you a specialist, however there is a   < caveat to that. I don’t know who said this first, but it bears repeating.

< “A generalist a man knows a little about a lot until he knows nothing      < about everything. A specialist is a man who knows a lot about a little     < until he knows everything about nothing.”

The ultimate example of this is a small book called "The Specialist" by Charles Sale, published 1n 1930 by Putnam & Company, Ltd.  I will leave it to those interested in looking up the topic, but it is entirely appropriate for any steam era modeler who has a layout (hint - the author's nickname was chic) :)  It is a great read.

Long Live Lem Putt, Specialist

Chuck Soule

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