Re: Decals offered on Ebay by dkmtech

Greg Martin

When you are using a side view of a freight car to make decals you need to remember that the lens of the camera that took the photo is convex-ed and there is a slight distortion in the final product, it stretches the lettering... The best approach is to use lettering diagrams and both if you have them.
With regards to this companies decals I would guess that buying them would be the best solution for critiquing them. I have emailed him for a list of decals and I will go from there.
Greg Martin  
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Norman Maclean

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I have created artwork for ERIE LACKAWANNA decals working from almost straight-on photos, using proportion.  Somewhat cumbersome but in doing so I found that on one series of EL cars, the two N’s were not the same width.  Pacific Car & Foundry erred in cutting the stencil.  This was later verified in the field.  However, finding this out at 3:30 AM under a great deal of pressure was rather disconcerting!!!

Working with not-perfectly-straight-on photos to develop art work for lettering has been done for years.

And could we ban the word “font” from this discussion?  There are only a very few railroads that truly used fonts for lettering, and I believe most of the cases where this was true, an advertising firm or graphic designer was involved.


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