DKMTECH decals

Andy Carlson

This confirms my suspicion that the decals are being digitally printed-offering everything in multiple scales indicates to me the likelihood. "Typeset" was a puzzler.
Who would of thought that there would be new offerings made with ALPS technology? White cartridges are soon to have production cease in 2016. ALPS white cartridges contain only 1/2 the length of ribbon as their regular colors do. What happens next?
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

Jim Kink wrote:
I have purchased a few sets of S scale decals offered by DKMTECH and will buy more.  They are good quality ALPS but, as expected, not as opaque as other printing methods.  We in S are thankful for any decals of decent quality since there are so few sources.
Jim King
(828) 777-5619

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