Re: Decals offered on Ebay by dkmtech


With the right software, as I accidentally discovered I had…..

You select the closest font you can find in the large collection that came with the graphic suite and then tweak it to look just like the actual font, do a save, and use it forever when you make that decal set, or one that uses the same tweaked font.

The font characteristics are quite easy to adjust with a capable program.

Not that we know if this vendor is doing that.

Dennis Storzek wrote:


I can't disagree with that... as first industrial designers, then advertising agencies became more involved with creating the "image" for any specific railroad, they borrowed heavily from what they knew best; printer's type, as it applied to headlines and advertising copy. There were some problems, though. Printer's type is designed (and designed again, and again...) for easy reading on the printed page, which is typically vertical format. Railroad cars are nothing if not horizontal, and require very extended letterforms to properly fill the space with a pleasing composition. So, the designers ended up re-drawing established typefaces to better fill the space.

      This last statement is true for passenger cars but not for freight cars. in fact, most railroad lettering, if examined carefully, is narrowed or compressed (called "condensed"), relative to most standard font characters. This is especially visible in numerals.

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