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From what I have observed in developing acceptable “Fonts” (if it is a letter of a particular appearance, it is a font even though it may not be published by a particular name). Look up “font” and pick the definition you like, except Baptismal; they all come down to any letters weight, proportion, style, etc.

Nowadays with computers there is a huge number of computer fonts around and, if you care to research, the ones that look just about the same really aren’t.

So far as decals in any model railroad scale, how important using an exact font depends some variables, most of which boil down to what scale you are using. The smaller the scale, compounded by the smaller the lettering, the less important it becomes. Most of my decals start as O scale and I find it very important to be as accurate as I can draw for the lettering for road names, reporting marks, logo, slogans, etc. The data for load capacity and dimensions can often be duplicated using commercial fonts with some minor modifications. The real fine points just become too small to even show up when things get tiny. Another thing is how well the letters will actually  print. Take RR Roman, with it’s very fine horizontal (and some vertical) lines. What prints in O scale may not even show up in HO, so these lines may have to be thickened up a tad. And oh yes, I have three commercial RR Roman fonts and all are different plus on I have one I drew a complete font set for. I have also drawn fonts sets for some Burlington RR. and a certain Soo style that while similar to a commercial font has too many differences to be worth the trouble of modifying. With experience I have found it easier to draw a whole font set rather than do much in the way of modifications, depending on the amount of usage.

Good luck on banning the word “Font”. You’d have less trouble banning the another certain, four letter F word.  

John Hagen


Wed Dec 2, 2015 1:44 am (PST) . Posted by:

"Garth Groff" ggg9y


Banning the word "font" is like getting rid of "roofwalk". It probably
ain't gonna happen. :~)

I believe we could consider the C&O's late 1950s Futura Bold to be a
font. Isn't this also what the UP used? I also think the Broadway
("Zephyr") family of lettering used by the CB&Q, WP and others for
passenger equipment was a font. It certainly seemed to have been based
on an existing lettering. But you are right; these designs were probably
developed or adapted by an advertising agency for their railroad
clients. After our period this probably became more common as railroads
sought to modernize their images.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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