Re: Decals offered on Ebay by dkmtech

Charlie Vlk

I have seen a number of full size stencil drawings issued by the engineering department of various railroads so not all railroads would have the shops “scale up” lettering / heralds to make the actual stencils.


Especially going back to when equipment was hand painted by sign painters and even after the widespread use of stencils, stencil paste and compressed air painting there was still room for variation.   Stencils could be located “incorrectly” and size/spacing modified to fit particular pieces of equipment.  Remember, these things were done in at best shop conditions and often out in the open on R.I.P. tracks by people trying to get their work done and not in a tightly controlled environment.


Also, I believe that the “Zephyr” letters and figures originated with the Budd Company and were not just a variation of an existing design.   It may have been used by them prior to the first Railroad use on the Pioneer Zephyr No. 9900 (in their auto supply business…for example, some CHEVROLET pickup tailgate lettering) .   I traced Budd Company drawings and made up a complete Alphabet and Number artwork which was presented in RMC with Marshall Thayer’s Zephyr train drawings back in the 1970s and I suppose they were the basis for the Railfont Zephyr digital characters and decals from MicroScale and others.


While on the subject, I note that the CB&Q Lettering and Painting diagrams call for “AAR Std. Lettering & Figures except as noted”.  This would account for the lack of CB&Q Railroad Roman type letter and figure drawings.  Does anyone have a set of such lettering???




Charlie Vlk

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