Undec + NP HO AAR alt std 2-bay hoppers-Intermountain

Andy Carlson

Intermountain made their most recent HO car, the AAR Alternate standard 2-Bay hopper, with different detail parts to accurately model the various roads which had these cars.

These kits come with photo-etched brass details, wire grabs and various extra detail parts for specific variations. Comes with Intermountain's 70-ton trucks.   MSRP of $24.95 each.

Offered for $37 for 2 kits, plus shipping of $5.85.

I have 6 factory assembled NP Alt Std 2 bay hoppers available, all with different road numbers. Offered at $24/each, plus shipping of $4/each.

I accept checks and money orders. For a small fee I also accept PayPal. If interested,or if you want more than 2 kits, contact me off-list (please) at

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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