Re: Stan Rydarowicz [earliest memories]

O Fenton Wells

I am saddened hearing the news about Stan's passing. I bought several models over the years from him and would enjoy chatting with him at Cocoa. 
Another unique model railroader has left us and the hobby will notice the void Stan leaves by his absence
Fenton Wells 

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I was so impressed with Stan’s models on display at either the first or second Naperville we attended that I bought some parts from him. I brought the models I’d made back the next year. Stan was like a kid at Christmas when he saw them. He had never seen anyone build any of his models! We were good friends from then on.
We attended the banquet during the first Cocoa Beach meet we attended. I sat next to Stan and across from Ben Hom. Ben had just taken a bite of food when Stan blurted out “I went to school with this Polish kid, boy was he stupid!” Ben showed great self control not spitting his food all over us on the other side of the table.
A few years ago I started bring a regional potato chip with us to RPMs. Stan loved them, we’d share a bag with beers in our room and I’d bring an extra bag for Stan to take home. I’ll toast Stan by consuming another bag....
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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