Re: AMRX ice reefer in 1960

Tim O'Connor


The AMRX reporting mark meant these cars were in MEAT service.

From my notes -- AMRX series 1100-1112 built 1946

  Model Railroading 4/1989 p.55 1947 photo AMRX #1107 as original

  Model Railroading 3/1989 pp.50-60 1960 color photo AMRX #1109

There was another series of AMRX 50 foot ice reefers as well --
50' ice reefers w/ 10 roof hatches (brine tanks) AMRX series 1000-1011 built 1946

  PFE (2nd edition) p.187 1949 photo AMRX #1008 -- these cars were sold in 1950 to
  PFE and became class R-70-6, rebuilt in 1954 as mechanical reefers w/ swing doors

  Model Railroading 4/1989 p.53 roof photo of AMRX #1011

Tim O'Connor

Don't recall any mention of these cars. By the size and reporting marks I presume these were heavily insulated reefers for frozen food service, similar to the 50-foot ice reefers Santa Fe had, and immortalized by Athearn.

   Guess you'll have to wait for the ART book, forthcoming from Signature Press, probably early next year.

Tony Thompson 

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