1955 - What was moving by rail on a branchline to an end of line town? Reefers?


I have long been interested in Union Pacific's Park City Branch and I am starting to narrow down a modeling time frame.  I am thinking fall of 1955 which gets me the stock rush and the use of first generation diesels.  There are also an abundant of nice RTR cars that fit this time frame.

I know most of the cars I need but one car that has always raised questions in my mind is the reefer.  In 1955 Park City, UT was the end of the line and was a hub for other small mountain towns located in the vicinity.  Would reefers still be used for shipments to towns served by branch lines in the 1955 time frame?  Would it be LCL shipments for multiple customers?  Trying to wrap my head around reefer usage in the truck era.

Jason Sanford

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