Prototype Rails Clinics - Freight-car Related

Aley, Jeff A

Hi Folks,


                FYI, some members of STMFC are putting on some great freight-car-related clinics at Prototype Rails 2016 (in Cocoa Beach, FL) next month.


Brown: Kitbashed and Parts-Built Tank Cars

Dick: Too Many Reefers?!?

Carlson: Reefers, Tanks, Hoppers, and Flats of the 1960’s

Funaro: Freight Car Weathering BEFORE Decalling

Hile: UTLX Class Z Tank Cars

Hinman: General American Refrigerator Cars

Smith: The PRR X29 Box Car

Switzer: The Ten-Year History of Shake-N-Take

Wells: SRR Home-built Pulpwood Racks


                There are many other clinics, but they’re off-topic for this list.  Okay, some of the above are also off-topic because they’re post 1960 J.


I hope you can join us!  For further details, see .




-Jeff Aley

Clinic Chairman, PR’16


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