Re: Digest Number 9954

Tony Thompson

The NMRA reprint of the 1/53 ORER lists 1189 reefers. There is a note accompanying the insulated boxcars that says they are restricted for heater service FOR PAPER. These must have been intended for "market pulp" which was shipped wet, and was in danger of freezing to the car.

   Gentlemen, you evidently have not closely read today's text, from Roger Hinman's book on Merchants Despatch. I quote from page 159: "Not satisfied with MDT's ability to provide them with a sufficient volume of cars to protect their seasonal potato traffic, they [BAR] purchased over 300 cars in the early 1950s right off the [MDT] scrap line. They rebuilt the cars at their Derby Shop and got another 10 years life out of them."
      Point: before the early 1950s, the BAR potatoes were shipped in MDT cars. After that, they were still shipped in MDT wooden reefers, but now owned by and lettered for BAR.

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