Re: Question re Milwaukee 50' ribbed autocar

Scott H. Haycock


According to RPC #13, Cars in the series 13000-13499 were 50 ft., lightweight welded cars, w/o ribs. The next series, 13500-13999 were virtually identical, but with ribs. Are these the cars you're modeling

At any rate, the article says most of the rib-side cars rode on Barber stabilized trucks, like Tahoe # 113/213. 

Scott Haycock


Hi to all

I am in the process of building a Sunshine kit 41.5 the Milwaukee 50' ribbed autocar but the instructions leave a bit to be desired in the type of truck that was fitted to the car the series is the 36 and 37 built cars numbers in  the 13000 and 13500 series the instruction say they just rode of cast side frame trucks, does anyone out there know what exact truck was used.   I have a large selection of Tahoe trucks and would like to fit the correct ones to this build.   Thanks.

Rob McLear


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