Re: Hairspray for peeling paint Galvanized Paneled Roofs


Bugs will love the oat bran !!!

The hard core weathering method is to use table salt on top of the undercoat, final paint, then rub to release the covered salt..

Any salt if scattered in the process won’t feed nor attract any ‘wild-life’.

I’ll bet that much the same effect as using oat bran can be achieved by using coarse ground salt like a canning salt. That will notch up the table salt effect with no possibly edible side result of the indoor environment.

Between the finer effect of table salt and the coarser effect of canning salt, I think you’ll have the range of weathering effects you long for.

Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

On Dec 17, 2015, at 2:17 PM, Richard Townsend  wrote:

As I recall there an article in Mainline Modeler a long time ago that used oat bran as a resist. The effect was excellent. It involved a cover story on a FW&D yard office, but I don't recall the date.
Lower in sodium and higher in fiber.
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Agree, lots of techniques out there.  I find that for my purposes, I use pieces of makeup sponge (as in lady's makeup), and then ….

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