Re: Galvanized Paneled Roofs and Modeling Peeling Paint

Brian Carlson

Years ago someone, Richard I think, cautioned me about doing to much with the peeling paint off galvanized roofs on my steam era cars. He mentioned that yard photos of the steam era don't show the peeling paint effect with the same regularity as the modern era. I don't have as many photos as he did but I've taken his words to heart and have one one peeling paint roof and dozens that are very grimy. Just my thoughts. 

Brian J. Carlson

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Ditto. And, all the parts of the roof were galvanized, except the rivets. The seam caps were typically coated with car cement because that's where the potential leaks were; both water creeping under the caps, and water leaking in around the rivets.

Even if they weren't coated with cement, the paint found more nooks and crannies between all the bends and rivets to adhere via the mechanical interface. The paint tended to pop first in the large flat expanses.

Dennis Storzek 

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