Express Reefers?

Bob Werre

First, I'm hoping this still fits the designation of a freight car!

I've recently decided to do some rebuilding of some acquired models. Since I model in S scale when a complete award winning passenger train became available I jumped on it despite being only generally correct for my railroad. The train was built with mid 60's era techniques, while the cars themselves have a B & M prototype of maroon cars. It's lettering was for the owner private road. It also came with a Hoods milk reefer, which I didn't need, later sold.

A couple of years ago, I also acquired a wooden express reefer (think Ambroid) but the silk screened sides were totally incorrect so I removed the scribed sides. Meanwhile I had acquired an set of silk screened sides for a SOO Line express reefer in Pullman green with gold leaf type lettering. I'm in the process of adding those sides and updating the former applied detail parts like ladders and grabs. I noticed that there is no dimensional data on these sides. I have three additional express reefers that I built over 40 years ago that do have typical freight car data as part of those sides. So I also checked my spare decal sets and find none of the passenger car sets from Champ or anybody else contain any of this data.

As it is now, the sides contain a road # and the word 'Refrigerator' on one side and 'Railway Express Agency' on the other side of the doors. The SOO line designation runs along the top above the doors. Overall the car looks very sparse. However, I've seen photos of of several models and so far none have much more than what I have.

So my question is: was this data optional? or are my vintage express cars that I built have the lettering incorrect. Since the lettering is in gold leaf, would any additional lettering be the same color? My thoughts might be that they may have used a cheaper method with the smaller data that was less advertising in nature.

Thanks for any help.

Bob Werre

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