Re: Hairspray for peeling paint Galvanized Paneled Roofs


I just posted a photo of my 1st attempt at using the salt method on a 40 ft Milwaukee Road Ribside car. I painted the roof aluminum, let dry over night. I Misted with water and sprinkled on the Sea Salt, let dry about 60 minutes and top coated with Model Master Oxide Red acrylic. I waited for 2 hours for it to dry and then used a flat brush about 3/16 inch wide with short bristles to brush off the salt. I found that I needed to dip the tip of the brush in water to help wash some of it off. Just a small amount of water was needed.This method is similar to what Ted Culotta used in his recent  Prototype Railroad Profile Number 2 from Speedwich Media.
George Toman

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