Requesting your paint failure efforts

Eric Hansmann

Resin Car Works would like to feature your work on the RCW blog. With the current discussion regarding paint failure on galvanized roofs, we want to use the blog as a place to post a number of models with this weathering aspect. Think of it as a virtual RPM model display focused on how people create that paint failure effect.

If you are interested, please send two or three lines describing the technique used to produce the effect on your model.

Photos are critical for the presentation. We can use a JPG image file with a minimum 2000 pixel width at 72 dpi. We can always work with larger files but anything smaller than these parameters can present challenges. Send two or three images of your model and please take your photos with plenty of light on the subject.

Your submission can be sent to either of these email addresses:
rcw2 at
eric at

Please replace 'at' and the spaces on each side of the word with the @ symbol to make these valid email addresses.

Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX

RCW web guy

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