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If you have Tony's SP book volume 3, look on pages 213, 214, 225, and 249 for good shots of lumber loads on flat cars with bracing.

It is my understanding that the best quality lumber went into boxcars. While flat cars would have carried larger sizes, they also were used for lumber that was of lesser sizes but with a lower grade. All of the above photos seem to show this sort of load.

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I'm getting ready to do several "flat cars with lumber loads on them"
and am having trouble finding images of actual loaded cars taken in
the transition era.
I model primarily "the railroads of the West Coast" - GN, SP&S, ATSF,
SP, etc. and one of the layouts I contribute to has a very nice (contest
winning) mill that ships out loads.

I know that most lumber shipped in the era was done in box/house
cars ... but I also know that during better weather months there were
loads of lumber shipped on flat cars - and I want to do a few of those.
I also understand that the preponderance of lumber shipped on flat
cars was for the larger dimensions.
I've found sites that either have a lot of pics of -models- of flat cars
with lumber loads (thanks for those, Tony!) ... or ... just a few pics of
actual prototype loads. (There are many more pictures available for
the later decades - but I'm finding very few for the transition era.)

I want to "get it right" (correct/believable). So my questions are:

1) Can you point me to pictures of actual loaded flat cars (Transition
Era prototypes please!)? My google searches didn't seem to yield
what I was looking for ...

2) What products/methods are you using to create your lumber
- Jim B.

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