Re: Lumber Loads in the Transition Era

Tony Thompson

Jim Betz wrote:

      5) Almost all of the cars - both flats and gons have two 
      vertical 4x4s (other sizes?) outside of each stack, and then
      an open space in the middle of the car with two more verticals.
      And finally and the tops of these verticals are tied together with
      cross braces of approximately the same dimension. 

     Jim, there was an AAR loading diagram, which was regarded as close to mandatory, and it specified three, not two, side stakes per stack. Cross connections could be wire or smaller material than side stakes, and side stakes were sometimes saplings or poles, not dimension lumber.

  8) It is also of interest to me that it appears that the loads
      generated in the West were not significantly different from
      those generated in the East ... and that it didn't really matter
      a whole lot which RR the load was originated on.  The entire
      industry (nation wide) appears to have progressed along the
      same lines and more or less at the same pace.

      See previous comment. The ARA and AAR loading diagrams had been in force for many years prior to the 1950s.

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