Re: Removing Lettering From Kadee Box Cars

Tim O'Connor


The IM car is even worse -- it's a 1953-1960 PS-1. Kadee makes
that one and the 1950-1953 PS-1.

Half of the 1940's NH PS-1 box cars were 10'0" IH, so make sure
you've got the number right for a 10'6" IH car.

The closest PS-1 model body is the old McKean kit, that has the pre-1950
roof. The sill tabs are incorrect for a pre-1950 but that's easily fixed,
and I think the do-hickies (small stampings) at the top of the ends don't
belong -- easy to remove if you're going to paint the whole car.

This is my McKean kit build of a UP B-50-40

Tim O'

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the heads up. I must not have known this or I just plain forgot. I am of the understanding that Kadee is pretty particular about prototype fidelity, so you have made it pretty clear why they haven't produced this car.

So, I'll look to find the IM car.

thanks Again,
Mike Bradley

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