Re: Lumber Loads in the Transition Era

Tony Thompson

Jim Dick wrote:

  After reading much source material from the 1930's forward, including reports on wrecks caused by shifting lumber, the AAR recommendations had everything to do with safety and not so much with vandalism.

      The Loading Rules did not start with the AAR, as I am sure Jim knows, but I want to make sure this is clear. I have before me a 1926 edition, from the ARA Mechanical Division. It states that Loading Rules were first adopted by the MCB as Recommended Practice in 1896, and advanced to Standard in 1908. Until the early 1930s (still as ARA), there was a single book of these rules, but then the various kinds of things to be loaded received more and more specialized rules, and there emerged a set of these books (for example, loading forest products), and by the 1950s there were at least seven of them. I have never seen a full list, nor do I know when they all started. But to give one example, Pamphlet MD-7 (suggesting there were at least seven) from the AAR in 1953 covers DoD material on open-top cars. My copy is stamped by the Post Transportation Office at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

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