Re: Lumber Loads in 1947, 1952, and 1957 - Changes in Types of Cars

Jim Betz


Greg's post is interesting - who is the cart and who is the horse. Did the
construction industry change from needing/wanting dry lumber to green
or did they accept undried lumber because it was being shipped that
way? Or simply because it was cheaper? I do know that people comment
on the changes in the 'quality' of the wood used in home construction
over the years ...

This also explains why so many of the pics I saw (later on) were clearly
lumber that was not "rough cut" ... just because it has been thru the
planer doesn't mean it has also been kiln-dried.

A how to question - I've often been less than satisfied with the texture
of strip wood ... it just seems 'too rough'. Do you think that using strip
wood for lumber loads in gons and on flat cars "works"?
- Jim

P.S. Clearly the siding at the mill has to have more box cars than flats.

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