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    I envy you Eric.Unfortunately there is a lack of quality decals.I have several kits awaiting proper decals.Armand Premo

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I just painted a few Tichy USRA SS cars and I will lean heavily on the RPCyc photos when the decal itch strikes. RPCyc 16 was a HUGE assist when I decaled a half dozen USRA DS cars. My focus is 1926 so I suspect few cars were repainted in six years of service time.


Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX



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Thank you, Eric.  I checked my library, but neglected the RP Cyc, an excellent resource!





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Railroad Prototype Cyclopedia, Volume 17, notes the CNJ cars were rebuilt with Hutchins roofs and 221 cars were in service in July 1951. The volume contains two images of the CNJ USRA SS cars. A builder image of 20029 and an image of CNJ 20370 that has a reweigh date of 5-46. CNJ 20370 has been updated with a replacement Ajax power hand brake but retains the KC brake components and the original roof. The caption notes there were 32 of these CNJ cars by October 1953. Specific car numbers for roof upgrades or the dates of those upgrades are not noted.


Lastly, CNJ 20370 has the san-serif CNJ lettering with the Lady Liberty emblem.


Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX




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I am building a Westerfield CNJ USRA 40’ SS box car, and have 2 questions that I hope you folks can help with.  I am building the kit to represent a late ‘40’s or early ‘50’s car.  The kit comes with K brake gear, but I would like to know if they were converted to AB brakes.  Also, would the lettering have ever been changed to the Statue of Liberty scheme?  The kit decals are for earlier schemes.  I have not found any photos of these cars.  Thanks for your help.


Dave Pfeiffer




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