Re: Xmas Trees by Rail?

Charles Peck

Growing up in Louisville KY, I remember the most popular Christmas trees were pines.
White pine, long leaf pine, and the less expensive Scotch Pine. That being the one we 
usually had at home.  Living in other places over the years, the trees offered seemed to change.
I don't know if it was fashion that changed or if people in different places just preferred trees
that differed from what they saw everyday. Now I live in Florida just surrounded by pine
trees and no tree lot in town seems to sell anything except fir trees from North Carolina
or places further away. 
If it is true that people prefer to use non-local trees, species exotic to their region, then
trees by rail would seem to have been common everywhere.  I can remember seeing 
trees offered wholesale straight from boxcars.  Churches, scout troops, civic clubs would buy a 
truckload or two for retail here and there.  My grandfather bought from someone who
set up right outside the RR shops and sold to the men getting off work. 
I cannot remember what roads boxcars brought trees to Louisville but if the idea of trees from
afar holds water, then that is an excuse for NYC boxes in New Orleans and ACL boxes in Detroit. 
Who brought Colorado trees to Phoenix, I wonder?
Chuck Peck expecting a white sandy Christmas in Florida

On Wed, Dec 23, 2015 at 7:08 PM, lajrmdlr@... [STMFC] <STMFC@...> wrote:

Back in 60s-80s Santa Fe used to deliver Xmas trees in boxcars to Fullerton CA.

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