Re: Xmas Trees by Rail?

charles slater

One other thing, many cars were shipped with doors open and they were always top iced.

Charlie Slater

Bakersfield, Ca. 

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I remember handling box cars of Christmas trees in the 1970-1984 in L.A. when I worked on the Los Angeles Junction Ry. They came in many cars mostly from the north west (SP&S, NP, GN, Milw) and of course Santa Fe, UP and SP returning to home rails. As I remember they were mostly 40 foot cars. We delivered them to Certified Grocers and Market Basket warehouse's. The guys unloading them there would always give you one, you just had to ask. 

Charlie Slater

Bakersfield, Ca.

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Chuck and all, 

    Christmas trees were still being shipped by rail from northern Vermont well into the 1940's but had gone
to trucks by the mid-1950s. These were nearly all balsam fir and spruce trees but in bundles of five unless
they were trees larger than the average home cold handle. They were loaded much as you suggest with
8 ft. high side stakes used with both flat cars and gons. Have photos of several such car loads right here
in Morrisville.

Happy Holidays to all from those of us at New England Rail Service, Inc.

Don Valentine

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