Tim O'Connor

Bill I think there were at least 3 lot numbers with dreadnaught ends. I have
some info from Jeff English:

USRA-clone all-steel box car 8'7" IH, 4-4 Dreadnaught ends, Youngstown doors
Lot 559-B, built by ACF St Louis plant Lot 494 in 1927 as CCC&StL 49000-49999
and renumbered after 1936 to NYC 121000 - 121999

I'll send you a photo of NYC 123500 from a different NYC lot number. Not the
same car because it has 4/5 ends... :-(

Tim O'Connor

It looks like part of my e-mail disappeared into God knows where. The model is a Broadway Limited NYC early steel boxcar. The car that I have is numbered 122766 with a lot number of 563B. This car has the dreadnaught end. I have found numerous photos of the car with the earlier steel end but none of this particular arrangement. I would like a photo of this particular series in order to check the details before finishing the car.

Bill Pardie

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